A Co-Education English Medium Sr. Secondary School
CBSE Affiliation No : 1030440

School Timing and Uniform

  Dress Code & Uniform

  1. All students are to be neatly dressed in School uniform during School hours, School trips, official gatherings, while representing the school for any function or event outside the school, and going to and from the school. This includes the full grooming standards specified as well.
  2. When on school trips, the school uniform and dress code (grooming standards included), or the dress code specified by the concerned teacher is to be strictly followed.
  3. The idea of the uniform is to look smart, neat, modest, respectful and presentable.
  4. The student is expected to understand the spirit / idea / reason behind these guidelines and follow them accordingly.
  5. While the following listed below are guidelines it is not all inclusive. In case of any doubt please enquire with the class teacher. Incase of any ambiguity contact the Co-ordinator Final decision is the Principal’s.
  6. Students are not allowed to mix school uniform with casual clothes at any time.
  7. Please ensure that your uniforms are well maintained, ironed and clean. They should not be torn, faded, crumbled, shabby and ill fitting (too big or too small).
  8. They should strictly meet the specifications of color, size, quality and pattern. Any uniform not meeting the specifications will have to be changed.
  9. No tight fitting uniforms will be allowed- all should be at least 2 inches larger than body size.
  10. The shirt must be neatly tucked in. The P.T shirt also must be neatly tucked into the shorts or track pants. The track jacket should be zipped up.
  11. Skirt length must be 1" before the knee cap in upright standing position.
  12. Shoes to be polished and in good shape. Socks to be of specified length and pulled up. The trousers should not be tucked into the shoes.
  13. Low waist, slim or pencil fit, flared or bell bottoms, top button open, loose tie-knot, folding and pushing up of shirt / blazer sleeves, putting the collar up, are not allowed.
  14. The pants are not to sweep the ground; it should cover the ankle and be worn on the waist and not the hip.
  15. If any child is found not adhering to the uniform and grooming standards disciplinary action will be taken.