A Co-Educational English Medium Sr. Secondary School
CBSE Affiliation No : 1030440



We have the following well equipped labs :

Social Science Lab

The fast changing world scenario has brought about new ideas and concepts in the entire educational field and Social Science is no exception. The practical aspect of Geography in particular which not only include the study of maps and diagrams but also audio-visual aids makes the subject matter interesting, easy and picturesque.

With the introduction of Social Science lab in NVA, the lab provides the best of all facilities including charts maps, globes, scientific and educational teaching aids and their optimum use gives ample opportunities to students to have enough practical knowledge.

Math Lab

Mathematics lab promotes better understanding of concepts by involving students in a number of activities. Visual and models give shape to well defined theory concepts where children learn by doing.

It provides an opportunity to children to work on projects and be more involved and interested in the subject.

Science Lab

The school has well equipped Physics, Biology and Chemistry labs where regular practicals are conducted for all children from class IX onwards. Children of other classes are also taken to these labs if required from time to time.

We have created a Junior Science lab also where small students are taken to observe and understand various scientific concepts in a better manner.

Computer Education Lab

The computer education as part of computer awareness programme, starts from Class I. From Class I to V, students undergo a basic course in computer education (covering computer fundamentals, basics of keyboard handling, windows and basics of MS-Office).

From Class VI to X the students are exposed to certain programming concepts in Q-Basics, detailed study of MS-Office, Foxpro and HTML programming.

Smart Classes

NVA has successfully converted its various classrooms to smart classes with technology at finger tips, It is the concept of bringing revolution to methodology of teaching next of the blackboard for teacher in the classes. The innovative and meaningful use of technology enables the students to learn difficult and abstract concepts in a enjoyable manner through visuals and animations.

Music and Dance Rooms

Since NVA believes in the Holistic Development of the child, two separate rooms for Dance, Vocal Music and Instrumental music has been provided to the students so that a child can excel in the field of performing arts.


Art and craft is a mandatory part of a student’s life as it develops one’s mind and capacity to understand artistic expression. The school has a “MAD Lab” which plays a vital role in conducting the Creative Saturday activities of class I & II where the students learn and practice various skills of creative art, drawing and craft. Personality development classes are also organized to groom the confidence of young students. We believe that simply learning to read and write did not count to be educated, the hidden talent of the child must be highlighted to complete the real education of life.