A Co-Educational English Medium Sr. Secondary School
CBSE Affiliation No : 1030440

House System

Student Council

Duties of Student Council Leaders
  1. Represent the student body at school.
  2. Conduct him/herself with academic integrity and exemplary conduct.
  3. Develop agenda for and preside at student council meetings.
  4. Inform media about upcoming student events.
  5. Responsible for special projects.

The Student Council exists To Serve Students. It will only be as active, effective, and concerned as each student member is!
  1. Student council is the HEART of student involvement. It’s the most representative and powerful student organization because it works for all students.
  2. A good student council has student respect and support by opening its doors to all interested students, and by being aware of student needs and opinions.
  3. Cooperation is the key to getting things done. The council shouldn’t be a rubber stamp for any group, but it should work with others to solve problems.
  4. Training and relevance are vital to the success of any student council.
  5. Good leaders are developed, not born.Informed voters help create them.Leadership training is one goal of student council.
  6. Your council can lead the way to positive change. Its activities and projects are the testing ground for ideas, which become part of the school.

The school nominates and appoints an effective student council consisting of a group of students who are selected after scrutiny of their academic records, attitude and aptitude. Each student council learns to exhibit leadership qualities and set examples of disciplined individuals, respectful towards all school members and follow school rules.

To identify future leaders and to create a healthy competitive atmosphere, the school has adopted the House System.

For drawing out the innate talents in a free and fair manner, to help imbibe qualities of head and heart the school has four houses:

Topaz (Yellow)
Sapphire (Blue)
Emerald (Green)
Ruby (Red)

The house system plays a vital role in the effective running of the school. The house system coordinates and develops a wide range of school activities including academics, games and other co-curricular activities. The system elicits a keen sense of participation and belonging and cuts across all class divisions, thereby bringing a greater degree of cohesion between the students, staff and administration. The lifeline of this system is curricular and co-curricular activities which promote the active and wholesome all round development of the growing student.

Under the able guidance of their House Masters and Mistresses children participate in various activities, encouraging a healthy atmosphere of competition. A student is expected to show consistent interest in at least one co-curricular area and be co-operative in House activities.